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Christmas Giveaway and Scavenger Hunt



Christmas Giveaway

Welcome to this Christmas Giveaway that has several hosts and different prizes for you to win! The giveaway is open from today until December 23rd at midnight. And there’s also a scavenger hunt, to keep things interesting and help us have fun even during the days leading up to Christmas. We are all sharing a little Christmas story with you as well.

The Christmas Giveaway scavenger hunt question is : What Do You Want for Christmas – and we each answered that question in our own giveaway posts (hint, hint, look inside our Christmas story…):


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The prizes are two different packs of e-books and gift cards, and the giveaway is open internationally, as we all come from different corners of the world, we wanted all of our followers to be able to participate in the fun. Don’t be shy, come and say hello to each of us, and have fun right along with us :)


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When I was little, I loved Christmas so much! As many of you know, I grew up in Norway, and it was pitch-dark at 3pm on Christmas Eve. We usually had a lot of snow, so the Christmas lights as well as the moon and the stars would reflect off the snow and make everything look like a faerie-land.
One of the things I loved about Christmas, of course, was the presents… But I was also lucky enough that Santa Claus actually showed up at our door most years, and it was such an amazing feeling to open the door to Santa with his bag of presents… And he had presents for everybody in the house, even my grandparents!
When I think back on those moments, I’m filled with happiness and warmth, because now, I know that the men in my family (uncles, my dad, my grandpa…) always made sure Christmas became even more special to me. And that love and eagerness to make each other happy is what I want to share for the Christmas season! I would like my kids to have that warm, happy feeling when they think back to the Christmases of their childhood. And I would love it if they had a little anecdote like this one to share with their friends. And this year for Christmas, all I really want is a kindle voyager.

So after my little story, I was wondering about something. Share one of your best childhood Christmas memories, and what is it you enjoy the most about the holidays? I think for me, it’s the fact that things seem to slow down once school is out for Christmas, and we have the opportunity to spend time together as a family, play board-games, watch Christmas movies and just relax, eat good food and share the love.


Good luck in the Christmas Giveaway, I hope your holiday preparations are well under way, and that you’re able to enjoy the season.



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