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2015 Bookish Resolutions Challenge

Bookish Resolution Challenge - (un)Conventional Bookviews

2015 Resolutions Challenge


As we start a new year, Laura of Trips Down Imagination Road and Michelle of Because Reading is Better than Real Life are hosting a different kind of challenge for 2015. The jist of it is to share between two and five things you want to do more / better on your blog, or something you want to change of start doing in 2015.


Here are the official rules:

  1. Create between 1 and 5 resolutions related to books/book blogging (there are examples in Laura’s post but you can make up your own)
  2.  If you have 2 or more resolutions than 1 can be unrelated to books/book blogging 3. Create a sign up post and add it to the Linky on this post (sign up before Feb 1st)
  3. On the 30th of each month (and the 28th for February) create an update post about your goals and add the post to the Linky that will be on Laura’s or Michelle’s blogs
  4. This is a year long challenge, so you can’t add resolutions that could be done in a day these must be year long goals.
  5. For each goal you complete you get one entry into the giveaway that will be in our wrap up post on December 31, 2015


I thought it was a great idea to have some new years resolutions for my blog, as I’ve been doing most things by the seat of my pants since I started blogging, and having just finalised my 2014 wrap-up post with my reviews, genres and other things, I realised I read and reviewed 140 books from Netgalley. That is a lot of books! And I actually do buy books, too.


Just look at how my kindle looks right now:



In case it’s difficult to read – in my TBR collection there are 569 books, in my COYER to read collection there are 304 books, in my ARCs to read 33 and in my 2015 HW Challenge 43… With just my TBR, I have much too many books for a year, and I can’t help but adding more books every single week!



Read my own books! Yes, I’m going to try to read more of the books I’ve bought and have either on my physical shelves or on my kindle, because I know I bought those books for a reason. This also means I need to request less ARCs from Netgalley. I specify Netgalley, because I’m going to the RT Book Convention in Texas in May, and I will definitely bring some ARCs home with me from there…



Do some more discussion posts. Sometimes, I have really great ideas for discussion posts, but then I forget all about them. So now, I’m having a cute, little, pink notebook in my bag everywhere I go (and next to my bed, too!) so I won’t forget those ideas. I will try to post one discussion post each month.



Listen to more audiobooks! I have lots and lots of audiobooks, and I haven’t listened to that many yet. When there is a good narrator, I love being completely immersed in a story without really having to work much for it myself ;) So I want to participate in an audiobook challenge for next year, and my goal is to listen to one audio book each month.



Write more reviews of the books I read that I own. I am very good at writing reviews for my ARC copies, but not always very good when it comes to writing reviews after finishing a book I have paid for. I’m not sure why that is, apart from the fact that I want to keep my Netgalley score up where it is now. So this resolution is about reviewing all the books that I have bought myself (whether they be freebies or full price books).



This is not a blogging / bookish resolution. Sadly, I started smoking when I went back to Uni in September 2010 – after being smoke-free for ten years. So my personal resolution for 2015 is to quit smoking! And stay smoke-free!


What about you? Are you participating in the challenge? I think the fact that we can actually choose our own resolutions to use for a year-long challenge is amazing, and while I haven’t given numbers for all of the things I would like to better myself on, I will still have ways to keep track… just wait until you see my 2014 wrap-up post – it includes statistics about where I’ve gotten my books from, for instance.


I hope I’ll see you around the resolution challenge in 2015!




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