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The Good, the Bad, and the Undead  - Kim Harrison

The Good the Bad and the Undead starts in the middle of a run that doesn’t go exactly as planned, and it kind of sets the mood for the whole story. Rachel isn’t exactly a planner anyway, but the things she tries to plan do not happen accordingly. She meets Piscary for the the first time, and is amazed that this is the infamous vampire who rules Cincy along with Kalamack and some other shady men of the underground. While having dinner there, Glenn realizes he has an acquired taste for tomatoes, and the ensuing smuggling of ketchup and other things made of the fruit is hilarious.


As several ley-line witches go missing or are killed, Rachel is certain Trent is behind the murders, and she soon finds some common links between all the witches. The last one to disappear might just be found alive, and Rachel is able to persuade the FIB to get a warrant for Trent’s office and home in order to look for the missing witch. At the same time, Edden signs her up for ley-line classes at the university with none other than the teacher who already failed her in that class before. Edden has his own suspect, and things are quite complicated until Rachel makes a chilling discovery while searching the grounds of Trent’s estate with the FIB.


Nick and Rachel have become an item in The Good, the Bad and the Undead, and they seem quite content together, even if Nick is always reluctant to meet Rachel’s friends from the FIB. He always has great ideas as to how to enter places they have no business being, though, and he really comes through for Rachel more than once.


The humor is really great, I love how Rachel ends up with a fish she was supposed to steal back from someone, only to realize it wasn’t the right fish so she keeps it in Ivy’s bathtub for a while. The easy back-and-forth between Nick and Rachel is great, and I love Ivy’s dry humor that is one of the few ways she has to show her emotions at all. Kist is a lot more present too, and I kind of like him, the way he teases Rachel, and his stupid British accent. I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea to stay far away from him, though, he’s just too tempting! And because he’s very close to Piscary, Rachel needs to be careful – and Ivy should be too!


The friendships are shown as growing stronger, and I truly love Jenks, Matalina and their 54 children. Rachel and her mom aren’t seeing a lot of each other, but I hope to get to know Mrs. Morgan better as well. The overall plot is intricate, and I can see a few things being set up for further books that I really look forward to read. Especially the ending makes for a lot of more stories, and I can’t wait to see how Rachel will deal with some of what will happen next.


“Men,” she said, rolling her eyes as she sat before her screen again. “Don’t they realize that if we wanted to rule the world, we could?” I gave her a noncommittal nod and squirted a tiny amount of water into the next plant. I kinda thought we already did.

His-I-should-care-what-you-think-because? attitude remained, though.


Of course, the spell rack by the register was empty, so I ended up with conventional makeup. Covergirl? Don’t you believe it.


“I’m a consultant,” I said, ignoring how his liquid voice had pulled my breath tight. I had forgotten his voice, all amber and honey – if color and taste could describe a sound – resonant and deep, each syllable clear and precise yet blending into the next like liquid. It was mesmerizing in a way that only ancient vampires could match. And it bothered me that I liked it.



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