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Angels' Flight (Guild Hunter, #0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 3.5) - Nalini Singh

Angel's Dance is a short but very hot prequel in the Guild Hunter series. Galen is a warrior angel who is applying for a position as weapons master with Raphael, and to show his worth he first has to help out in the refuge. As soon as he arrives, he notices Jessamy, the smallish angel with a bended and twisted wing - the angel who can't fly. As Jessamy and Galen get to know each other, they both realize that the other is just as lonely as they are themselves.


Angel's Dance is a beautifully written romance between two broken angels, who are weighing the pros and the cons to see if it might be worth it to trust someone completely, to see if life could be sweeter when shared with someone else.


Angel's Dance also has its' own mystery, there is an archangel missing, and Raphael needs to make sure his territory is safe, while at the same time trying to find out where the missing angel is. T


here is an attempt on Jessamy's life, and Galen is just in time to save her, and together they figure out what knowledge the assailant was trying to make sure Jessamy couldn't share with anyone else. If you are already a fan of the Guild Hunter series, I'm sure Angel's Dance will hit just the right spot for you. And if you haven't started the series yet, this is the kind of prequel that can be read just to get a feel of the writing and the world, without having to know a lot about the characters who are a part of the rest of the series.


Pale green, almost translucent, those eyes sucked the air right out of her; they watched her with such unwavering intent. The force of his leashed power was staggering, but it was his lips that had her hands turning white-knuckled. The only point of softness in a harsh face that was all angles, those lips caused thoughts, shocking and raw, to punch into her mind.


Jessamy didn't understand how anyone could live without words, without story... but then, she had been entombed in the Refuge for millennia.


A hitch in the smooth rhythm of muscle and tendon, a small pause as he caught her gaze with eyes of some rare, precious gemstone that seemed to see into her soul. "Are you inviting me to bed, Jessamy?"

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