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Demon marks and mystery

For a Few Demons More  - Kim Harrison

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For a Few Demons More starts with Rachel waking up - but not really waking up! She can feel that someone else is inside her head, and she has no idea what to do to get rid of the other person - who has nothing to do in there anyway.  As Rachel manages to force that someone out of her head, Ceri arrives to help her, but is terrified when she sees who is there.


This frantic mood continues through most of For a Few Demons More, and little plot-points from prior books are resolved, while seeds for new plots are expertly planted - almost out of sight from the reader. Rachel has finally decided to introduce Trent to Ceri, and it almost ends bad because Trent and Rachel can just never stop judging and harassing each other. Ceri shows both Quen and Trent who is the strongest elf there, though, and I love the way even Trent is a little scared of her.


Still hiding the focus, not knowing who to trust apart from David, Rachel has to solve a very different kind of problem in For a Few Demons More. When Glenn brings her to the morgue to find out if he should open a murder investigation on some weres, Jane Doe's, David has dreams making him think he's killing off his girlfriends. Again, Rachel needs to fight several fights on different fronts at the same time, all the while learning more about the ley-line magic, and how some of the magic she uses is black magic, even if she is using it for good, and she always makes the payment herself. When Rachel can finally get a warrant for Trent - she takes at the worst (or best) possible moment, and as usual, she doesn't really care about the consequences.


In order to keep the focus from the warring were-packs, she has decided that a certain vampire is the best person for the job, and makes sure she has several witnesses for the delivery. Of course, every single thing that can go wrong goes wrong, and the ending is both madenning, confusing, scary and done in a way that it's almost impossible to see where Rachel and Ivy will be able to go from here. And how will Rachel be able to come to terms with the different things she's lost? I am also extremely curious about Newt, and that is totally Jaclyn's fault - because of her Sidekick Saturday post about a strange sidekick I started reading this series...


Jenks's cat Rex padded past me, curiosity doing tis best to fulfill its promise.

Sometimes I felt as if they thought I couldn't hear at all just because I couldn't hear a pixy belch across the graveyard. Yeah, they'd had a contest one night. Jenks won.

Good Lord, I thought, squinting at the bright glare of late-July morning. No wonder I slept through this. It was noisy with shrieking birds, and already hot. If I had known I was going out, I would have put on shorts.


Pixies squealed from the rafters, and Trent and Quen warily watched them. I plucked at my salt-stained shirt and tried to find an air of nonchalance as I prepared to introduce His Most Holy Pain in the Ass to Miss Elf Princess.

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