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Let's Discuss: Safe Sex

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Let's Discuss: Safe Sex

When I read a book where sex happens, it makes me really happy to read something like 'and he reached out for a condom before...' and then the actual action between the characters continues. I think safe sex in my books is very sexy, and also extremely important. It should be just as natural for the fictional characters in books as it should be for us real people out here in the real world. I also like it if the characters for some reason 'forget' the condom in the heat of the moment, there is some kind of consequence for that - at least that it makes them think about what could happen because of it.


There are quite a few examples of books I have read that integrate safe sex in a truly great way! Making him Sweat, Shine, and Just one Day come to mind without having to think too much. I'm sure there are lots of others I have already read, but this is a starting point. What do you think about safe sex in your reads? Do you think it's sexy too?


Thanks for stopping by, and for participating in the discussion. Do you think I should change the name of my discussion posts from Let's Discuss to Sexy Sundays? LOL I don't know why, but I keep writing about sex, I'll see what I come up with for next time...


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