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Found (Penny Black #1) - Stacey Wallace Benefiel *I received a free ARC of Found from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*Full review to come soon.This and other reviews are originally posted on my blog (un)Conventional Bookviews*I received a free ARC of Found from Write Free via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*Found is set in the same world as Glimmer by the same author, but I do not think it is necessary to read those books in order to enjoy Found. Because I really did enjoy it, and I had no idea what this world was all about when I started reading. Penny has been alone for a long time - waking up in strange places is not something she pays all that much attention to, it has happened many times. During these dreams, she is using her hands and her mind to stop time, rewind events and then make sure those events are changed. In her dreams, she saves peoples' lives. What Penny doesn't know, though, is that she is not dreaming at all. That is part of her reality.I really enjoyed reading Found, Penny's gift is something else, and the fact that she wasn't aware that these rewinding of events actually happen, she had no idea just how different she is. Then, she is taken in by the New Society, where there is a school inhabited by youth just like herself, kids with strange gifts, and they are often paired off. Wyatt is supposed to be Penny's lookout. He doesn't have any strange gifts himself, even if he is from a family that founded the New Society, but he has lived surrounded by these gifts his whole life and he has a very good understanding of it all.Penny has a lot of trouble trusting anyone, she has been through so many bad things since her parents died, and living on her own on the street was better for her than being in a dysfunctional foster family where she was abused both physically and mentally. Arriving at the New Society's school, she still doesn't know if she should trust anyone, but getting enough food and new, clean clothes is not something she is willing to turn down.There is a big mystery going on in Found, because someone is trying to get to the gifted people, and Penny seems to be the key to all of it. I quite liked the mystery, but I was not always so happy with some of the minor plot-points that were going on. First of all, even if there needs to be some kind of 'trigger' that binds or pairs two people it seems that they should still have a choice when it comes to whom they should date or be in love with. This is one thing that might have been already explained in the prior series set in the same world, though.The writing is good, and the pace of the plot is quite quick, but it's still easy to follow. There are a lot of characters present, and they all have their part in the story, and I was pleased that even in a short book like Found, I felt like even the secondary characters were well enough fleshed out for me to care about them. I will certainly read the next books about Penny, and I am pretty sure I'll pick up the Glimmer series as well. If you enjoy paranormal romance that isn't all about the romance, I think you'll enjoy Found as well.
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