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Elite  - Rachel Van Dyken *I received a free ARC of Elite from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog (un)Conventional BookviewsElite is one of those books that seemed to have all of the ingredients necessary to make sure I wouldn’t like it. It is actually the first time I’ve given one stars to a book since I started my blog, so I’ll try to be specific in my dislikes – because we all know that what I don’t like may very well be exactly what you’re looking for!At the beginning of Elite, Trace is moving from Wyoming to Chicago to start a new school, her grandma passed away not long ago, and Trace entered some kind of lottery to be accepted into a very elite school, where most of the country’s future leaders and important business-people attend college. As soon as Trace finds herself alone in front of the building she’s moving into, three boys come to harass her, talk down to her and tell her to follow the rules. Nice welcome committee, right?The leader of the welcome committee is her roommate’s brother, and his name is Nixon – yeah, like the former president. And Monroe, that’s the roommate, talks about Nixon as if he is the devil incarnate. He makes the rules in this school, and he can make or break a person as well. So even as Trace loathes Nixon, she can’t help but be attracted to him. Because he is part of the elite, and he is so beautiful, even if he is nasty. And the waffling starts. Trace and Nixon are both hot and cold so quickly it’s kind of hard to follow, and Nixon is compared to both a god, God, Satan and a devil within a very short span of sentences.Trace also realizes soon that there is a family secret she knows nothing about, she finds a necklace that makes her think of words in a language she doesn’t know, and Nixon is upset when he sees it. She finds some money from her grandma as well, and it turns out it’s in bills that haven’t been made since the sixties. Because of the allusions made by Trace at the beginning, it is pretty predictable where it all will go, and who the elite is, and what her family secret might be.So to me, this is a typical YA story of a naive farm-girl who meets a rich and handsome boy, hates him but falls in love with him instantly anyway, and there’s a love triangle. There is also quite a lot of jealousy going on, Trace is a little petty at time, and quite often, the characters will toss in different brands for shoes, bags and clothes just to show how rich and cool they are. And the cherry on top is the slut-shaming, which is truly not warranted in any story IMO, and even less so in Elite, because Trace is a virgin.That said, the writing is good, there are hardly any errors or typos, and it is easy to see that the author has a plan when she starts writing, and she sticks to that plan. It’s just that the elite plan really isn’t my kind of plan. So if you’re into books where the hero can be a total ass, where the heroine falls in love with him quickly, and you want a little bit of mystery on top of the romance, you might love Elite, I know several of my bookish friends did.Monroe could be a supermodel. No, I take that back. She could be the girl that tells supermodels how to be supermodels. She was ridiculously beautiful, making my mind immediately transport to every single book I’d read in the past year that warned me against girls who looked like her.Geez, that boy had more mood swings than grandma when she went through menopause.Nixon licked his lips. I could see the ghost of a smile dancing across them. This was the most I’d seen him smile… in forever.Nixon smelled like the hot guy. Seriously, they should bottle him up and put him in stores. He’d make millions, not that he needed it.
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