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Undercover Lover - Jamie K. Schmidt *I received a free ARC of Undercover Lover from IFB Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog (un)Conventional Bookviews *I received a free ARC of Undercover Lover from IFB Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*Undercover Lover is a nice mix of romance, police-thriller, alternative medicine and Russian mafia. It is filled with humor, a strong and smart heroine, a hot hero and lots of intrigues. I especially loved that Pam is a doctor, she has several diplomas and could have been a famous shrink, but instead she is practicing reiki to help her patients. The way Pam set up her office and centered herself to be ready to share the universe’s energy with her patients is well done, I could almost feel myself relaxing just reading about it. Drake is an undercover cop who does his job very well, and it doesn’t seem to bother anyone that he has known some of the people in the vor since his teens.The whole story in Undercover Lover is fast paced, and the characters jump from one crisis to the next, with hardly any time to get to know each other better. Drake and Pam feel an instant attraction, and they really enjoy that once they get a little time alone with each other. Apart from their delicious chemistry, they also share a very quirky sense of humor, and I had quite a few very good laughs. The intricate connections between the characters could have been confusing, especially because of the Russian Mafia, and who is a part of it, and who isn’t. The fact that Pam’s family has ties with the vor does not escape Drake, and he tries to think logically about the fact that she just might be playing her role very well.As the story unfolds, there are more layers being added, and it is getting hard even for the readers to know whom to trust. With a shoot-out at a wake, then someone trashing Pam’s apartment, she doesn’t know where to turn anymore. And she needs to feel safe somewhere. She truly has a good head on her shoulders, though, and she has a wicked kick that saves her more than once.If you’re looking for a read that can make you both shiver because of the suspense and because of the romance, and something to make you both smile and chuckle a little as well, Undercover Lover should make it’s way to your bookshelf as soon as you get the chance to pick it up. I know it hit a sweet spot for me.“And then to Oksana. She’s concerned about what Nikolai has told you in this therapy he does,” the third, a bald man with dead eyes, said. Pam didn’t know him, but he sneered the word therapy as if it was a synonym to witchcraft. She heard every nightmare she ever had in his accented Russian. He was the bogeyman and, most likely, Oksana’s best enforcer.“Bye,” she said, feeling like a high school kid with a crush. He gave her a mock salute and walked out. She told herself she was just watching to see if he was limping and not checking out his butt.“Don’t be nice to me. I’ll start to cry.” “nothing wrong with crying. You can do that here. You’re safe, and you’re not alone. In fact, if you want to, come back home with me tonight. I’ll sleep on the couch.” He felt her smile against his chest. “You’re a nice man.” “I’m not, really. I’m having really impure thoughts right now.”“Doctor, it was a pleasure meeting you today. I’m sorry it was so eventful.” Mark took her hand and shook it. “Call me Pam,” she said. “Call me, anytime,” he said, and when he let go of her hand, his business card was in her palm. “slick,” Drake said. “A little creepy, but slick.”“I knew it. You only want me for my hammer.” “What can i say? It’s hard to find a man who knows what to do with his tool.”
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