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One Wicked Night - Emily Quinn *I received a free ARC of One Wicked Night from Entranced Publishing in exchange of an honest review*In June, I participated in the Cover Reveal of One Wicked Night, and both I and some of you thought the cover was very sexy, tempting and that the blurb showed us a glimpse of characters we wanted to know more about. I signed up for this blogtour very quickly, because I really wanted to read Angel's and Fernando's story.There is a Giveaway as part of the blogtour on my blog post of One Wicked Night.One Wicked Night is a novella in which the main characters have quite a dilemma, Angel and Fernando have been lusting after each other for a long time, but they aren't supposed to have any kind of relationship, because Fernando is Angel's boss. And for different reasons, they do not want their personal life and their professional life to collide, even if they both dream about fulfilling their dreams, where the other has a starring role and things are always hot and steamy.Angel's friends are a meddling group, and one of them has gotten an invitation to a very select dating service, complete with a user name and a password, but she wants Angel to use it. During a group IM chat, Angel lets her friends persuade her to use the dating service herself - because she agrees about needing to get Fernando out of her head. Once she starts answering the service's very intimate questions, though, she has second thoughts. At the same time, she really wants to have something more in her life. She can hardly remember the last time she had sex, when there's only one guy occupying her mind and fantasies, it's kind of difficult to get it on with someone else.Fernando has a friend who is a little similar to Angel's - one who is pushing him to start dating so he can forget about the sexy VP in marketing who makes him sweat just when he thinks about her. Fernando's friend also has a mysterious dating service invitation, that he shares with Fernando. I really would have loved to learn more about the dating service, because the two characters Angel and Fernando met with were very mysterious - and they seemed to really know too much about the protagonists.One Wicked Night is a very quick read, and it is also hot and filled with humor. I liked the way Angel and Fernando were so attracted to each other, but they both felt younger than they are supposed to be in their interactions. The way they try to stay away from each other is well done, and I can easily imagine someone being attracted like they are in their work-place, but fear of sexual harassment suits or awkward moments at work if things don't work out keep them apart. Since both Fernando and Angel have worked very hard to be in the place they're at when it comes to their careers, it's only logical that they would do their best to stay apart.All in all, One Wicked Night is enjoyable, hot and fun! There are two reasons why my star-rating is not a four, one is that the characters have the young feel I mentioned above, and the second is that I would really have liked to know more about both Fernando and Angel, and about the mysterious dating service. It is a good start to a series, though, as the story reeled me in, and made me want to know more - so I'll be sure to pick up the next book in the Wicked series. If you're looking for a fun and steamy summer-read One Wicked Night is the book for you.I can't really leave you hanging without a few quotes, can I?On a mission, she walked to her small kitchen and took out a quart of her favorite chocolate ice cream from the freezer. nothing could beat that. Well, a man could, if she had one. With a heavy sigh, Angel grabbed a spoon and leaned on top of the granite counter.No matter how much he wanted to do that, he wouldn't. Sexual harassment litigation wasn't part of his career goals.The excitement was too much to take for a Friday morning. After three years of working non-stop, Angel was going on a well-deserved vacation. Not just any vacation. This one came with one wicked night.
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