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30 Day Book Challenge - Day Three

Dead Witch Walking  - Kim Harrison The Good, the Bad, and the Undead  - Kim Harrison Every Which Way But Dead - Kim Harrison Ever After - Kim Harrison

Day Three of the 30 Day Book Challenge : Favorite series?


My favorite series is Kim Harrison's The Hollows series. There is magic, action, mystery, paranormal elements, a kick-ass 6-inch pixie and of course, Rahcel Morgan.


The writing is so good, and the character development through the series is extremely well done. I also love the world-building and the fact that Rachel can take care of herself. She is strong, but knows when to ask for help - and usually get it.


The overall story-ARC is great, and sometimes, I pick up on a scene that seemed like a detail in one book, but it becomes more important a few books later. So far, there are 11 books released in the series, and it's one I would like to continue for a long time still. Each book continues to be great, and there has never been a point so far where I thought 'this series should really not continue anymore'.


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