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30 Day Book Challenge - Day Four

Ever After - Kim Harrison

So today, I need to tell you about my favorite book in my favorite series. As you know from yesterday, my favorite series is The Hollows by Kim Harrison, and my favorite book in that series so far in actually the 11th! Yes, I know, right? Each book keeps being better than the last, and they are all four or five stars for me.


Ever After is very intense, and the readers see how far Rachel is willing to go to protect humanity. Trent is very present in this instalment as well, and that just can never be wrong in my opinion. So there is excitement, fights, intrigues, planning and a wild hunt!


If you haven't read any books in this series, all I can say is that you really, really should if you're into PNR / UF.


Have a wonderful Wednesday peeps!


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