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Cover Reveal: Stripped Clean

Cover Reveal Blitz: Stripped Clean – Ellis Carrington

Welcome to my stop on the cover reveal blitz for Ellis Carrington’s book Stripped Celan! Just to keep the suspense a little longer, I will share the blurb from Stripped Clean first :


Carlos O’Shea is stuck. He knocked-up a girl in college after a night of too much drinking, and then married her to be honorable. With little money, fewer options, and no degree, he winds up cleaning the floors in a small town gentleman’s club and thinking desperate thoughts about the handsome owner that’ll lead to nothing but trouble.


Greg Moorehouse only invested in a nudie bar to help his best buddy out of a financial crisis. Now his drug-dealing ex boyfriend, his reverend father, and a parade of surgically-enhanced DD’s are driving him insane. But what’s really stripped him of all good sense is his growing obsession with his married employee, Carlos.


They circle each other in a push-pull of misunderstandings and growing attraction. Carlos needs to get his boss out of his head, and Greg can’t abide cheaters and married men. So what are a strip club owner and the guy who cleans going to do with their undeniable desires?


Please note: This is an adult GLBT romance (male/male romance), for mature readers only. Contains explicit love-making between two hot-blooded men, angsty dark moments, and cupcake-baking exotic dancers.


Doesn’t this sound really interesting? I know I’m really curious about this story, because I would like to read about the double struggle Carlos has to face – both the fact that he has feelings for someone else than his wife, and also the fact that while people obviously think of him as straight, he isn’t. Are you going to pick up Stripped Clean?

Stripped Clean cover - (un)Conventional BookviewsI think the cover tells the same story as the blurb does, like the back-door of a bar, and two handsome men embracing each other. What do you think about the cover of Stripped Clean?

Ellis Carrington - (un)Conventional Bookviews

Romance requires a hopeful ending and that is why Ellis Carrington is driven to write it. She loves to create original stories that are gritty, witty, and a little unexpected, just like the heroes who inhabit them. Her guys come in both human and non-human form because spirit guides and vampires deserve love too. Her favorite things are great friends, great music, and books that make her sob like there’s no tomorrow.
You can find Ellis Carrington here : Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

You can buy the book at Amazon | B&N | ARE and don’t forget to add it to Goodreads | Booklikes


Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed the cover of Stripped Clean, and please leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

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