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Review of a fun romance book

Love Game  - Elise Sax

Love Game- Elise Sax
Series: The Matchmaker #3
Published by: Random House Publishing, on 25 February 2014
Genres: Chick-lit, Contemporary
Pages: 304, Format: eARC
Source: ARC Netgalley

Five months have passed since Gladie Burger came to Cannes, California, to join her eccentric Grandma Zelda in the family matchmaking business, and Gladie is quickly mastering the rules of attraction. Her latest fix-up is still going strong and Gladie’s bank account is back in the black—until a rival matchmaker arrives in town and has both Gladie and Zelda seeing red.

Not only is self-proclaimed psychic Luanda Laughing-Eagle stealing Grandma Zelda’s clients, but Zelda is convinced that Luanda’s ESP is total BS. She tasks Gladie with exposing Luanda as a fraud, but Gladie’s attention is diverted when murder comes a-calling. Spencer Bolton, the gorgeous chief of police and Gladie’s on-again, off-again flame, wants her to stay out of the investigation—and away from the deliciously chiseled detective who also aims to win Gladie’s heart. But the one thing Gladie’s learned is that in business, love and murder . . . it’s always personal.


*I received a free ARC of Love Game from Random House Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*


Love Game is pretty silly and truly hilarious. It’s the third in the Mtachmaker series, but I still enjoyed it, and felt that the characters made sense. Of course, there are some references made to things that happened in prior books, but it did not make me feel confused. It did make me want to find out what happened to Gladie before the story in Love Game, though.


In Love Game, there is a new matchmaker in town, and Zelda is afraid that all her perfect love matches will be destroyed by this strange interloper Luanda. Gladie is lusting after the police chief, Spencer, and it’s obvious that they have some chemistry. And it’s also obvious that the way their relationship is described has almost every possible romance cliché included and that’s why I found Love Game so funny! Poking fun at matchmaking and romance tropes in a novel where both are important parts of the story is pretty bold.


On top of the humor and the romance, there is mystery as well, and Gladie has an uncanny ability of finding murder victims – to Spencer’s dismay. Love game is a quick read, and it’s filled with fun, sexiness and characters who are not afraid to go after the things they want in life. The guys are really hunky, and the girls are spunky to a fault. The writing in Love Game is good, too, it’s not often I read something so full of irony and sarcasm, but that also has that special brand of humor that makes me chuckle while I’m reading. And there was a very hot smexy scene towards the end, as well.


So, if you’re looking for a quick, romantic and mysterious read that will make you laugh a lot, mark your calendar for February 25th, because that’s when Love Game is being published.


“It’s worse than Woodstock!” Ruth yelled over the racket. It was a stretch imagining Ruth Fletcher at Woodstock. She wasn’t really a love-in kind of gal.


“You’re one of those nerdy fellows, aren’t you?” Ruth asked him. “We nerdy fellows prefer the term ‘geek’. “


“I wouldn’t say troublemaker,” I said. More like trouble-finder. Since I had arrived in town, I found more trouble than Lindsay Lohan on a bad day.


Our eyes locked. I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. He was the definition of cool, not because of the tatto0s but because he was unflinching, unfathomable, unblinking. And he was hot.


The panic room was working. I was panicking real well now.


You know me, dolly. I don’t like violence. I’m a love person. Love is my trade, and there is no room for violence with love, no matter what that Shades woman says about it.


He smiled in answer. Remington was a man of few words. He didn’t need them. His biceps did all the talking.

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