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Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover

Finding Cinderella- Colleen Hoover
Series: Hopeless #2.5
Published by: Atria Books, on 14 October 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 105, Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Freebie

A chance encounter in the dark leads eighteen-year-old Daniel and the girl who stumbles across him to profess their love for each other. But this love comes with conditions: they agree it will only last one hour and it will only be make-believe.

When their hour is up and the girl rushes off like Cinderella, Daniel tries to convince himself that what happened between them only seemed perfect because they were pretending it was perfect. Moments like that with girls like her don’t happen outside of fairytales.

One year and one bad relationship later, his disbelief in insta-love is stripped away the day he meets Six: a girl with a strange name and an even stranger personality. Daniel soon realizes the way he pretended to feel about Cinderella and the way he really feels about Six may not be so different after all. Especially when the two loves of his life end up being one in the same.


Finding Cinderella is a novella in the Hopeless series, and as usual, I just love Ms. Hoover’s writing! Daniel is shown in a very different light in Finding Cinderella, he is much more than the best friend with the big mouth and the stupid nick-names here. It was also very nice to get to know Six better. And I really enjoyed seeing this more fragile side to her, since the little we see of her in Hopeless doesn’t really help the readers understand her very well.


As usual, the writing is just beautiful, and I thought it was all going to be taking me to a wonderfully happy place, until *BAM* something is revealed that just might change everything. And then, I felt like my heart was actually beating outside of my body, and I was afraid I was gong to cry – but I managed not to – almost…


The fun banter between Six and Daniel is so well done, and the way they are both amazed at getting along so well, taking things slowly and just hanging out and teasing each other was great. Holder and Sky show up as well, of course, but they are not at all the main focus, they are the best friends, and in the background the whole time. The story is very short, but for those who have read Hopeless and Losing Hope, it is not too short, since we have already met both Daniel and Six before we read about them in Finding Cinderella.


I loved the way Finding Cinderella is treating a serious subject without preaching, and without being cheesy or trying to shock the readers! If you enjoy Ms. Hoover’s writing, you should get your hands on Finding Cinderella quickly. I think it is still free for kindle!


I sigh heavily. I also remain on the floor until my physical reaction to her subsides. I don’t know who the hell she was or why the hell she ended up here, but I hope to God she comes back. I need a whole hell of a lot more of that.


“So don’t do that. Find you a good guy and tie him down and make love to him every night.” She groans. “That terrifies me. As curious as I am about the difference between making love and having sex… my stance on relationships makes it impossible to find out.”


Oh, my god, this chick just mentioned MacGyver? Hell. Yes.


She grins. “Let’s do it,” she says, holding up a tight fist in front of her. I naturally bring my fist up and bump hers. She hops into the car and I shut her door, dumbfounded over the fact that she just fist bumped me. The girl just fist bumped me and it was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

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4 Stars

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