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Acrostic COYER poem

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Acrostic Poem

Welcome to this Acrostic Poem mini-challenge for the COYER challenge :) The Acrostic Poem challenge is hosted by Laura at Music Plus Books, you should go over to her blog to sign up and participate in her giveaway by writing your own Acrostic Poem!

I just finished reading TRAGIC (and the sequels MANIC and PANIC) by J. A. Huss, and I truly loved those books so much! I gave all three five stars because they are complex, with amazing characters, pretty hard subject matter but still filled with hope and love. I was so into the story of these books that I actually stayed up until 3am two nights in a row just to read – even if I have lots of school work, and some new, complicated stuff we’re learning in linguistics these days. I just could not put down these books, I felt so much for Rook and Ronin, and I really needed to know everything I could about them!


So my Acrostic Poem is based on TRAGIC:


Tragic - (un)Conventional BookviewsTwo people who once were broken
Reach for love and a new relationship
All is not as easy as it seems
Gentleness is hard to come by
Intentions aren’t always easy to read, but strong
Chemistry, love and strength ensue


If you participate as well, please leave me a link in the comments so I can come and check out your Acrostic Poem as well :)



Thanks for stopping by! Have a terrific Thursday.

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