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Let's Discuss / Thursdays with Luxa: Author Reader Interactions


Let's Discuss - (un)Conventional Bookviews

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Thursdays with Luxa: Reader Author Interactions


Interactions between authors and readers keep coming up in my various feeds, and so I have been thinking more about this lately than usual. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about interactions, so I will try to explain my stance on this to show when I think it’s great to have comments from authors and when I think that maybe it’s a little iffy.


I follow several of my favorite authors on Twitter (and on Facebook) and sometimes, I interact with them there – it can be silly things, chatting with Donna Cummings about her first cup of coffee and how drinking wine counts as eating fruit because there are grapes in her wine. Or it can be me sharing my excitement over Rachel Caine’s new release, and planning to have coffee with her in London (though that didn’t happen – we were both too busy and not free at the same time). Or joking with Katie Hayoz about her popcorn addiction and whether we’ll have time to meet at Starbucks before Christmas…


Other times, and only if it’s a four or five star review, I will @ the author to give them some love, and let them know I loved their book. If they then click over to my review and comment on it, I think that’s great! I am the one who made them aware of my review, and so if they have the time and inclination to say something to me about it, that’s nice. And you know, authors are like rock-stars, so when they come and say hello, or answer my tweet, I’m ecstatic about it!


There are times when I don’t even want to imagine an author coming to my blog, though. And I’m sure you can guess when that is, right? If I have read a book I didn’t enjoy, first of all, I spend a lot more time on my review – because I want to be able to explain what I didn’t like about it and why – and I really don’t want to hurt the author’s feelings. And I can totally understand that it could hurt their feelings – but my review is never personal. And I think it’s important to be honest here on my blog, so I am! But I am very uncomfortable if the author of a book I wrote a negative review for leaves me a comment about that anywhere. And I realize they might have a google alert for their name, or the title of their book, but I feel bad enough writing my non-enthusiastic review as it is – I don’t want to have to think about the author visiting just that one post and leave me a comment on that as well.


I can totally understand why an author would want to comment on reviews of their books, though, but I don’t think it’s always a good idea. And even if authors are readers, too, they aren’t exactly readers of their own book, so that one review is not completely for them. I know I’m not making complete sense, since I don’t mind it if an author comes to my positive review (hey, if it’s full of compliments, it’s all good, right?) but I would like them to not come to visit my negative reviews. So I guess my main thing is that if I ‘invite’ authors by tweeting them or otherwise interacting with them, it’s normal if they come by – but of course I understand if they don’t feel like it! – and if I don’t ‘invite’ them, it might be a little weird.


What do you think about interactions between readers and authors? Do you feel like some places should be strictly for readers? Is your blog a place where you would only want other bloggers commenting, or are you open to authors and welcome them to all your posts? Or are you a little indecisive like me?


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