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One Night with a Cowboy

One Night with a Cowboy - Cat Johnson *I received a free ARC of One Night with a Cowboy via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*This was a quick, hot read! And who doesn't love a very sexy cowboy?This and other reviews can also be found on my blog (un)Conventional Bookviews.One Night with a Cowboy starts with a lot of deceptions for Becca. As she loses both her job and her boyfriend the same day, she has no idea what to do next. She doesn't really want to leave New York, but it seems there aren't that many openings for an English teacher in a local college. Emma, Becca's perky sister thinks that change is good, and she decides to send Becca's resumé to a college in Stillwater, Oklahoma.This is a light, quick romance, with all the necessary ingredients to make the readers feel as swept away by the main male character, Tucker, as Becca is. Tucker is a bull-rider, tall, handsome and very friendly. So friendly that Becca has never felt as special as she did that one night they spent together. Both Becca and Tucker have been through deceptions in their love-life, and they are a little gun-shy. Becca never tells Tucker that she's there for an interview at OSU, and he never told her he teaches there.The tropes are familiar, and sometimes a little cheesy, but I still enjoyed One Night with a Cowboy a lot! The sparks between Becca and Tucker are tangible, and their interactions are both fun and hot. When they meet again at Becca's welcome mixer, they are both taken aback at seeing each other again. Becca decides she wants more anyway, even if she's far from ready to be in a relationship again after the trick her ex played on her. What she doesn't know is that Tucker's ex played him in a bad way as well, and he's just as afraid to commit to a relationship again as Becca is.At OSU, there's a non-fraternization rule, which makes Becca and Tucker's budding romance very difficult. When Tucker's superior officer tells him about this, while showing Tucker a video of Becca and Tucker kissing in the library, Tucker decides he has to do whatever he can to make sure Becca won't lose her job. He quickly decides that the best thing he can do is to deploy to Afghanistan - which I thought was a little too much. But it sure did provide some good drama. When Tucker is missing in action, Becca finally understands that she wants a lot more with Tucker than being friends with benefits, but she is afraid it's already too late.One Night With a Cowboy hit the right spot, even with the cheesy parts. I was happy to read the steamy bedroom-scenes, and also loved how much of a gentleman Tucker was. The writing is good, with a lots of nice showing, where I was grinning to myself on the bus - happy that noone could see what I was reading ;)If you need a quick, hot and romantic read, One Night With a Cowboy just might be the book you should get. I read it in a few hours, and I definitely want more. Now, both Two Times as Hot and Three Weeks with a Bull Rider have joined my TBR list, and I look forward to both of them.
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