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Fun start to a new series

Layers Deep - Lacey Silks
*This book is recommended for a mature audience due to the fact that it includes either sexual content, violence, drug and/or alcohol abuse or all of the above*

Layers Deep- Lacey Silks
Series: Layers Trilogy #1
Published by: MyLit Publishing, on 4 December 2013
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica
Pages: 167, Format: eARC
Source: ARC Netgalley

He needs her to save a friend.
She needs him to plan her revenge.
Their pasts scar them Layers Deep.
Their passion distracts them...
...and distractions can be fatal.
Tristan Cross is battling emotional demons from the past. He lives in a world where trust is earned, loyalties are tested, and love is impossible. That is, until he meets Allie Green. She’s the only woman who can help him find a kidnapped friend and to top it off, she captivates him. All he has to do now is persuade her to work for Cross Enterprises, his top investigations firm.
Allie Green is a rookie cop seeking revenge and she’s willing to sell her soul to get it. With an opportunity to use Tristan Cross's resources Allie calculates her time for payback. As vengeance boils her blood she can’t keep her mind off her new boss and Allie finds it difficult to keep her employment professional. With the mouth watering Tristan Cross distracting her, she struggles to prioritize an undercover job she’s been assigned and her hunger for revenge.
And when you’re ready to give up your life to save someone else, distractions can be fatal.

*I received a free ARC of Layers Deep from MyLit Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*


Layers Deep is a quick read, filled with many sexy scenes, as well as an entertaining story and fun characters. It is still a little bit difficult for me to review, because in some of the very moments when I should have stayed glued to my kindle, I was kind of jarred out of the moment. Allie is more or less analyzing every single touch Tristan puts on her body when they are going at it – and instead of getting me all fired up, it kind of distracted me. I kept thinking it couldn’t be all that great if she was actually thinking about how great it was, and how good it felt. But that might very well be just me – so don’t let that keep you from getting Layers Deep to read for yourself.


There are more than just the hot sex and the amazing chemistry between Tristan and Allie that goes on, though. We get a great back story on Allie and her mom, and it explains quite a lot about why Allie is a cop, with black belts in several martial arts, and why she’s not really ready to start a real relationship with a man. Tristan has a strong impact on her from the first time she sees him, though – through a crowded auditorium where she’s supposed to be listening to him and filling out a job application for is security firm. And I had to ask myself if my suspension of disbelief would be enough at that moment… Would the police department really line up all their new cops to let them try to find a job with a private firm?


I was mostly inside of the story in Layers Deep, though, and I loved that Tristan wanted Allie to do an undercover job to try to help his ex girlfriend escape from a human trafficking ring. I abhor that kind of violence against women, so having Tristan and his company want to do something to stop one ring, even if it was for selfish reasons, was really good to read about. I just hope they will continue that work in the future books, because there were other women stuck in that dark, seedy place as well.

The story is well written, and it’s in Allie’s point of view which makes for some pretty funny moments, because her thoughts are outrageous – most of the time. She has been through a lot, but she has sure kept her sense of humor. The plot makes the story very interesting, but the characters also help to move things forward, and that is something I really enjoy as well.


Layers Deep is a quick read, very fast paced, and with a great cast of characters. We get to meet Allie’s mother, as well as Tristan’s whole family. And Allie actually has a very good friend as well who was present in some of the scenes, too. I enjoy reading erotica, but I have to say I enjoy it even more when there is more to the story than just the hot sex! And on that point, Layers Deep sure delivered. And I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, even if the cliffhanger was kind of ruined for me because of the official blurb.


“Aren’t you going to apply?” Laura, my roommate and best friend, elbowed my ribcage. “I doubt there’s a woman here who wouldn’t like to work under him.”


What position are you hiring for? But when he looked at me, the important questions I sought drifted away. The man had a way of seeping deep into my soul and covering each wound with a permanent band-aid. As if he knew I needed his help.

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3 Stars

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