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Discussion Thursdays with Luxa: When Favorite Books have Babies

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Thursdays with Luxa, formerly known as Let’s Discuss, is a weekly post hosted by Thoughts and Pens. Since she took over, Charlotte has changed the name to Thursdays with Luxa if you want to find it on her blog. The discussion posts are supposed to have something to do with books, but you can pretty much choose your own topic. You can link up to your discussion post at Charlotte’s blog, and also visit other posts and participate in the discussions they are having. When you link up, it should be to a post made in the past seven days, even if Thoughts and Pens post hers every Thursday. You don’t have to post weekly discussion posts, and you can participate when you feel like it.


Discussion Thursdays with Luxa: When Favorite Books have Babies


Actually, first I have to say thank you to Charlotte, because she’s the one who made me come up with the idea to do a discussion post about this point. It seems it is very popular to sell a new book as ‘a mix between The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy’ or ‘This has some similarities to Graceling and Beauty and the Beast’ – these kinds of blurbs really tell me nothing at all! And very often, I find them quite off-putting, too. If someone thinks they are awesome enough to compare their newest book to Graceling, for example, it means my expectations are going to be sky-high, since I loved that series. And at the first thing that either seems like a pale copy, or actually has nothing to do with either Graceling or Beauty and the Beast, I’m not going to be happy I was tricked by that stupid blurb.


I want the blurbs to be an actual short summary of the book I am about to decide if I want to read or not – and that summary has to be completely without spoilers, too. It would be great if it was like the short-pitch used to actually sell that book to a publisher or an agent or an editor. I want a book to be able to draw me in all on its own, to be interesting enough for me to pick it up without trying to surf on the wave of popular books that have been released before it. And more often than not – those books that are supposedly the babies of other books (whether those books are among my favorites or not) I will not pick up. Because it’s as if they need the hype in order to find readers, and I have no inclination to be a part of a hype-machine and just feel cheated in the end.


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