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Sexy but not great characterizations

Layers Peeled - Lacey Silks
*This book is recommended for a mature audience due to the fact that it includes either sexual content, violence, drug and/or alcohol abuse or all of the above*

Layers Peeled- Lacey Silks
Series: Layers Trilogy #2
Published by: MyLit Publishing, on 11 February 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica
Pages: 189, Format: eARC
Source: ARC Netgalley

Allie, a rookie cop hired and desired by a private investigator, is about to knock the wind out of Tristan with the biggest news of her life... ... right after the announcement that he fired her sinks in.

Tristan, the owner of Cross Enterprises, has a few surprises for Allie as well. And she won’t see them coming.

While the couple tries to deal with their predicament and growing romance, ghosts from Allie's past haunt her, slowly calculating the timing of their return.

With new assignments distracting Tristan, fate has stacked a threat against them. Can Allie and Tristan peel away their protective layers for long enough to see the danger brewing at their doorstep? If they don't work together, trusting and sharing information, it may be too late.

And history may repeat itself.

*I received a free ARC of Layers Peeled from My Lit Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*


Layers Peeled continues shortly after Layers Deep ended, and Tristan and Allie have lots of adventures – most in the bedroom or while naked – and have to figure out how to deal with some new parameters of their relationship.


The story in Layers Peeled is quite silly, but since it’s a very quick and hot read, that’s OK. Allie’s pregnancy hormones are a total hoot, she is in a more or less constant state of arousal, much to Tristan’s pleasure and amusement. Of course, with both of them having some ghosts in their past, life is never completely nice and easy, but for most of the time, this doesn’t overshadow their want and need for each other.


A very nice trip to Vienna to participate in a wedding is kind of the highlight of Layers Peeled for me – I love it when stories take me traveling with the characters. However, there also were some problems I think I need to point out. There is an overuse of the word layers, or even the full title layers peeled, and that just felt a little forced to me at times. There is little character development, and this might not really bother other readers, because the sex is truly hot – and that’s kind of the main reason to read erotica anyway. I, however, prefer there to be a little more to the story and the characters than just that.


Allie is a strong character, but she hasn’t really changed much – even while pregnant, she thinks and acts like she usually does. We do see a bit more of Allie’s friend Laura, and also the interactions between Allie and the Cross family is pretty funny. In some ways, Layers Peeled reads a little like a parody, and I’m not completely sure that’s the aim. If you just feel like reading something extremely hot and quite quick, Layers Peeled is certainly worth the time, though.


I stood there, staring at Tristan with my mouth open, waiting for that perfect moment my brain would think of something wise to say so I could leave without arousing suspicions.

But a man who had been scarred layers deep needed to be told at the right time. The last thing I wanted was to scare him into a committment, like Kendra had tried to.

Kissing Tristan was almost as good as making love to him. If he’d stripped me naked right in the middle of this dance floor, I’d have allowed him.


There was that primitive growl that always signaled his need. It wouldn’t be now. Tristan wouldn’t tell me he loved me just yet. He still had many layers of scars on his heart: ones that needed to be peeled off before he could admit whether his emotions soared beyond lust and desire.


“Have you been waiting long?” “A few minutes. The Bentley has GPS tracking, and I couldn’t resist checking how far away you were. Let’s go inside.”

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