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Up Close and (un)Conventional

Up Close and (un)Conventional

Up Close and (un)Conventional #1



I admit up front that I got the idea for Up Close and (un)Conventional from Cuddlebuggery! They did a huge survey on their blog, about what bloggers and non-bloggers alike enjoy the most when they visit blogs. And one of the winners was posts that are more personal, talking about other stuff than books, and sharing other things from our life than books. As I aim to please *cough* I will try to have some more personal posts every now and then, but I really can’t promise it will be a regular feature. I have this thing where I have a little trouble being original, and I don’t want to write posts that are supposed to be personal, but end up talking about the exact same subject as some other blog is doing at at the same time.



So, today, I will share with you something about me that quite a few people already know, but not everybody. I am ‘old’ by blogging standards *grin* I’m in my early forties, I have been married for a long time – to the same guy – and I have four children between the ages of eight and a half and eighteen and a half – also with the same guy ;) Four years ago, I got so absolutely sick of my job as an accountant I just couldn’t take it anymore. I’m calling it my midlife crisis, actually, but I’m very happy about it right now. I discussed how fed-up I was with my husband, saying how I just couldn’t do the whole helping rich people to get richer anymore, and that I really wanted to study again.



When I was younger, my dream was to become a teacher. Not for small kids, rather for kids in senior high, who have a little bit of choice in the subjects they can choose. So, in September 2010, I started UNI, and at the end of this current semester, I will (hopefully) get my Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature and in General linguistics. In Switzerland, we need two majors to get our Bachelor’s degree, and I knew straight away I wanted to study English, it was a bit harder to find the second major. I tried philosophy for a year, and didn’t enjoy that at all. Then, I tried French as Foreign Language – and didn’t really enjoy that either. Last year, finally, I started with general linguistics, and I love it! It’s all about the language! Language acquisition, how some languages are similar in some ways and different in others, understanding what a native speaker of a language actually knows about their language and so on.



Some of my Up Close and (un)Conventional posts will definitely be about my studies, because I’m very passionate about it, and it’s actually a lot of fun to be a mature student. I have lots of new friends who are younger than me, and working together on projects is really interesting. We have different points of views on quite a few things, of course, but mostly, we are able to find something that seems important and agree on what angle to work on.

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My Uni is in a park in the middle of Geneva, and the building is old, but really beautiful! Famous linguist Ferdinand de Saussure was a professor there for several years, which is really exciting to the linguist in me :) This is the building, view from the street, the park is on the other side. Aren’t I lucky to have a historical building where I have all of my classes? And the fact that the park is right there is awesome when it’s nice and warm outside, because we take our breaks sitting in the grass with a cup of coffee.



Once I get my Bachelor’s degree, I also need a Master’s degree, plus a teaching diploma, so my days as a student aren’t exactly over yet, but after the summer, I can be a substitute teacher, and I really look forward to that.

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