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Up Close and (un)Conventional #4 - London and The Globe Experience

Up Close and (un)Conventional

Up Close and (un)Conventional #4 – London and The Globe Experience

Welcome to this very short and concise Up Close and (un)Conventional. Since Tuesday morning, I’ve been in London, and I’ve seen two Shakespeare plays at the famous Globe Theatre on the South Bank. Our schedule is extremely busy, so I will write more about this awesome experience later on, but I wanted to check in and say I’m sorry I’m not around this week, and also share some first impressions.


On Tuesday night, we watched a very brutal rendering of Titus Andronicus, several people in the yard in front of the stage actually fainted because it was so bloody. It was awesome, though, the smells, the sounds, the live acting – I loved it!


Last night, we watched an Indian production of All’s Well that Ends Well and that was quite a different experience. We also got to chat with two of the actors from Titus yesterday during the day, Indira Varma (who is also on Game of Thrones) and Obi Abili. They played Tamora and Aaron – and it was so awesome to see the up close, and they answered questions and were extremely friendly.


Today, we’ve had a workshop with an actor, and we’ve had lots of fun. Right now, I’m getting ready to board a bus to go to Stratford-upon-Avon where there will be three more plays, lots of discussions, and visits to Shakespeare’s birthplace and grave-site.

Thanks for stopping by – have fun and be safe :)

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