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Not at ALL for me - bashing people for their sexuality is NOT cool

Yours Truly, Taddy - Avery Aster

*I received a free ARC of Yours Truly, Taddy from Netgally in exchange of an honest review*

I stopped reading Yours Truly, Taddy in the first chapter. The main reason for my DNF is this quote: However, I'm pretty sure Fabian is a bisexual or possibly a homosexual with shame issues. Yup, I love my gays. Dont' get me wrong. However, bisexual? Come on. What is this, the 90's? Straights and gays had to choose. Why shouldn't they?


I did not want to spend any more time reading about a character who thinks anyone at all 'chooses' who they fall in love with. To me, we are born hetero, bi, gay or trans, and there is no shame involved in any of those (or others that I may not have even thought about!).

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